BE successful.

Grow a business that
makes a difference

BE satisfied.

Live a personal brand
that makes you happy

BE the change.

Build a legacy
that matters

Who do you want to BE?

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Judy Kirkland’s BrandEquity Coaching


Developing your own personal Brand Equity (BE) is about using who you are to change your world. Judy Kirkland’s unique approach to life coaching frees you to do it–and to start seeing value immediately.

“Going through the Plan BE with BrandEquity Coaching was transformational for me!  This program gave me the clarity, confidence, awareness and a deep knowing of who I am which now enables me to create my business and live my life as a true expression of ME out into the world. — Rupal T.

“BrandEquity Coaching is fabulous! Looks at all aspects of life  and develops your BRAND  based on who you want to be and how you want your life to look. Develop those areas that need work … keep the parts you already like … love the whole self by the time you’re done. What a wonderful realization in so many areas for me.” —Susan W.

Judy Kirkland can help you pare away behaviors and messages that no longer work and polish every facet so you can shine. Start with the Plan BE personal branding program — seven amazing sessions that free you to live an extraordinary life. With your personal brand as your guidance system, you’ll realize all-new power to focus time, money, energy and emotions on what matters and start experiencing your “larger life” immediately.   Learn more about Plan BE


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BrandEquity Coaching is a life coaching and personal branding practice offering in-person coaching, phone coaching, and custom life-coaching formats for individuals and groups seeking to build personal brands, create a life vision and achieve practical goals involving everything from writing resumes to planning for retirement, career development, stress reduction, work-life balance, building self-esteem and more. BrandEquity Coaching offers life coaching and personal branding to clients in Bethesda, Silver Spring, Gaithersburg, and Rockville, Maryland, as well as the District of Columbia and Northern Virginia. BrandEquity’s Judy Kirkland is a Certified Life Coach who also offers long-distance coaching via Skype or phone to clients worldwide.

BrandEquity Coaching
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